So, my parents have these ANIMALS...

So I have four furry siblings. And one not furry - she's actually a human. However, Mom often sends pictures of the other four to keep me posted on their lives. I appreciate it, I do. Because they're precious.

Madeline ('Mattie,' 'Lion,' 'Melon,' because, you know, I can't call a pet by its actual name) is the baby, and also Harley's sister. Think 'Harley,' only 'Not Crazy.' And also 'Very Furry.' And 'Likes To Cuddle and Be Cute and Not Climb Walls.' This is what SHE has been up to:

If you'll notice, she's rather precious. Hi, Melon. Hiii. I love you. (Blows kisses).

And again, here, where she displays her precise ability to Take Up The Entire Couch.

And then there's Milo. Milo's mostly a cow, as represented in this picture. He sits where he wants, when he wants, how he wants. At a solid 17 pounds of cat toughness, he can pretty much do whatever he pleases. This is also Harley's brother. Think 'Harley,' only 'HUGE' and 'oaf-like.'

And then, Friends, there's Ozzie. Remember Ozzie? Friendly Family Pup? Also Best Friend of The Fiance, Who Lets Him Get Away With Anything, Including Crawling On My Head, and People, This Is No Lap Dog. Also, He Who Puts Anything In His Mouth, Including, But Not Limited To, Appendages, Dead Frogs And Hair That Is Still Attached To Head. Well, HE has taken to eating walls in his spare time:

Ha. I love that naughty dog.