Because I don't hate on "The Gays," people.

And by "The Gays," I totally mean my pal, Donovan. I mean no offense to anyone or anything. Just him. Because he's my queen. Hi, Donovan!

And in Erin's honeymooning absence, I have decided to continue on with Girl Conversation Part Deux, with this little e-mail nugget between Donovan and I. He totally asked for it, man.

Krista: "I'm not sure how you feel about this, but I'm totally listening to Mariah Carey sing 'Hark, the Herald Angel Sings' on my iPod right now."

Donovan: "Well, I'm not a huge fan of Mariah 'I had an emotional breakdown and unleashed Glitter upon the world' Carey, but I do love her Christmas songs. But way to cave in to corporate pressure and move Christmas up into October. Is this going to be on your blog as 'Substitute Girl Talk' as Erin is busy honeymooning it up?"

Krista: "Oooh, dang. Good call. You're totally being blogged."

Donovan: "Awesome. Now I feel immense pressure to say more profound things and be socially relevant. Umm, world hunger blows."

Krista: "Amen, sister. Er, brother."

Donovan: "I'm gay enough without you constantly calling me 'queen' and 'sister.' Filthy breeder."