Because, seriously, we're creative.

So, I don't know if you know this, but The Fiance and I are a-w-e-s-o-m-e. I'm just sayin.'

Listen to our fabulous idea. And this is FABULOUS. And also creative. And also TOTALLY someone else's idea, but whatever. We heard it, and we stole it, and it's SO cool.

Well, HIS idea came first. Wedding favors. PERSONALIZED GOLF TEES. As in "Mr. and Mrs. The Fiance: Aug. 11, 2007." He found one on a golf course a few weeks ago and thought, "I love golf more than I love HER. This is AWESOME." And I totally agreed. I mean, really, who has GOLF TEES as wedding favors? Oh, WE do. And since, you know, I'm learning the Game of Golf, I'll completely go along with this idea. (Only if he promises to go pro one day and make me lots of money so I can stay home and play with the dog. And maybe a kid. Or two). (I kid, I kid). (A little).

So, anyhow. Golf tees. ORIGINAL.

And then the stolen part: instead of every one chiming on their glasses to make the bride and groom smooch, people shall putt on a portable golf green (they totally exist) that shall be on location at the reception, and if they make a hole-in-one, we shall make out. I kid, again. We'll just smooch. You know, this is a PG wedding. Mostly.

WHOA. I might just take part in my own game. And I'll cheat because I can because I'll be the bride. And it'll all be a ploy to make out with my husband. HUSBAND. Whoa, again.

Anyhow, back to the non-stolen part - MY idea. Along with the personalized golf tees, we shall (wait, I shall) tie a persimmon ribbon around 150 golf balls to place at each place setting at the reception. So NOW, everyone will have their own tee AND golf ball. And instead of smiling and cheering for the married couple and shaking their rears on the mini dance floor, they can play mini-golf on our mini putting green.

Hey, I'm game. Until The Fiance (er, Husband) spends more time with his putter than with me. Then I'll put my foot down. Because I can. Because I WILL BE THE BRIDE.