NFC Championship commentary.

My sister couldn't make it to our social gathering of Packers fans last night to watch the team throw away - literally - a trip to the Super Bowl, but she and I shared the game in spirit, via text messages. The following transcript is the highly intellectual commentary of the NFC championship game, as the game transpired. No need to watch highlights now, we have it all covered. With plenty of exclamation points.

This post is rated 'R' for strong, adult language. But what do you expect? It's football.

"holy shit!!!"


"pass it on!!!"

"Fucking flags"

"Is that guy drunk?"


"Woo hoo!"

"YESSS. We're glad ur here via text"

"Of course!"




"Omfg omfg."

"Fukin A!"


"Bull shit. Bull shit. Bull shit."


"Holy fuck! Woo hoo!"