In case I were blind.

I've been attempting to get through The Cider House Rules by John Irving for approximately, oh, forever. It's a good book, it is, but I just can't seem to get anywhere in it. And everytime I see I have 400-plus pages to go, I die a little inside. I already overstayed my welcome with my current copy from the library, and so I had Jeremy check out another copy from a different library in hopes that perhaps I'll finish it this month.

Except the only copy available was in large print, which is fine, I don't discriminate against size.


But when I got home, and saw the font size was T H I S  B I G, I choked. I mean, literally, I was reading the book on the couch, and Jeremy was an entire couch cushion and less light away, and he could read my page. True story.

It kind of makes me wish I were hard of seeing all the time because big words are fun. Nevermind that enormous text size just increased the page count to over one-thousand pages.


(The words are pretty much this big. Swear.)