I lost count.

I decided to take up calorie counting over the weekend. It lasted for one meal. And all 650 calories of that meal were totally worth it. And sad, really. A small glass of fat-free skim milk, peanut butter sandwich and a Fiber 1 bar made up 650 calories.

That would be a sufficient amount of food if I were, say, in prison, but on normal occasions, I like to eat more than that, which is why I was borderline disappointed to see the calories add up so quickly.

That's also why I decided to stop counting and just start merely paying attention. That's the lazy man's way of saying, I will read the calorie count before I eat, but not actually take into consideration that eating half of a Tony's frozen pizza is, in fact, really bad for me.

And this weekend was a joke, if was trying to pay attention to my dieting and exercising habits. I didn't run further than from the couch to the floor. And even that wasn't in an effort to burn calories, it was in an effort to slam my entire body to the ground in utter disbelief that Brett Favre through an interception in overtime of the NFC Championship.

And my dinner consisted of nachos, barbecue meatballs and two glasses of wine. Let's just go ahead and add my calories up to Too Many.

And we'll call it a day.