Maiden voyage.

I spent this lovely, sunny afternoon becoming a "Miss" again. Back to my maiden name, officially, which meant a trip to the social security office, the DMV and the bank. So much work just to go back to a name that made me cringe as a child.

"Do you know that rhymes with bed wetter?!"

Yes, yes I do, thank you.

But I never thought I'd be so excited to carry the name again.

I felt odd toting around divorce papers and waving them in the face of strangers telling them, "Hi, I'm divorced, change my name, thanks." I'm sure they hear this all the time from people of all walks of life, but not me.

Or so I once thought.

But each and every stop felt more refreshing, minus all the creepy folks who hang around the social security office. Whimper. I thought the DMV was bad...

However, the DMV was empty! This was the first time in my life I entered the DMV and left, satisfied, six minutes later. Except I was forced to take a new photo and the result is disastrous.

I've been known to have a rather lovely drivers license photo, and I've hung onto it since. I just assumed I'd be able to keep the same photo, as I've done in the past. So when I showed up to the DMV unshowered, no makeup, hair pulled back, I about died when they told me to step in front of the camera.

DO YOU SEE ME? This is not photo appropriate. But alas. You'll find my picture in the encyclopedia next to "mugshot of a degenerate."

Most bizarre was my trip to the bank. I was actually congratulated when I left.

"Congratulations, Krista!" the banker said with her bright smile, handing back my newly printed drivers license (horrible photo and all).


I think that's the first time I've ever been so whole-heartedly congratulated for becoming a divorcee at 26. Maybe she just loved the last name.