Small Internet.

So this afternoon, I'm sipping a cup of Alterra tea, and a girl across the table from me hesitantly asks, "Krista?" I look up. I see her, but do I know her? I run through a list of people in my head that I might know, and nope, she is not on it. I glance down at myself, and I look like shit, of course. Unshowered.

Do I have on a nametag? Am I supposed to know her? Confused. Help me.

I panic a little because I feel bad, but I smile and say hello, followed by an awkward, "How do I know you?"

"I'm Andrea," she said. At this point she was blushing. "I read your blog."

And it clicked.

ANDREA! Well I'll be damned!

Sure as hell, it was her. She's commented pretty regularly, and we've even exchanged e-mails. And here she was in the flesh. How she recognized me, I'll never know, but what a fun meeting!

I just hope it doesn't mean that I do, in fact, look as awful in real life as I do when I haven't showered for 31 hours.