I must preface this by saying if I were a toddler boy, this over here on the left would be me. Frown lines and all.

One of my closest pal's is moving to Michigan. Tomorrow. Michigan. That's, like, six hours in a car. Too far. She was my first friend in this town. We ran a marathon. We laughed. A lot. And now she's leaving.


Today was the day of "lasts." The last day at work together. The last time we e-mailed random quips back and forth throughout the work day. The last time we wandered to the microwave in the breakroom to heat up some water to brew our tea, which is enough devastation for one day.

Who will make tea with me now? Seriously?

I've decided I'm going to resent her fiance for this. Yup, that's what I'm going to do. How dare he be wonderful and loving and good-looking and caring and a future doctor? Honestly. So what if he's in med school? So what if they've been together for four and some odd years? Does that mean she has to move to Michigan?

Alright, fine. I guess it does.

But it doesn't mean I'm pleased about it.

Tonight we're sending her off with a bang, and in the morning she'll pile into her U-Haul and drive away. There goes my pal. My running equal. My friend. All packed into a moving truck.


I shall miss her. And if she's reading this, in the words of our favorite man in the pink:

"... damn."