So I have a growing list...

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't plan to die any time in the near future. Well, there is that looming flu pandemic, but aside from that, I feel I can safely say I've got a good 59 or 61 years left in me. Give or take a day or two.

But I've got The List. The inevitable list of things this young lady needs to do before she kicks the bucket. Goes six feet under. Pounds the nail in the coffin. Bites the dust.

You get the idea.

Some people have big dreams. Cure cancer. End AIDS. Feed the hungry. Backpack through Europe. Those are good people.

But me? Do you see that shoe over there? The new Asics? Yeah, I need to get those. $120? Anyone? And Door County? I've never been there. How can I backpack through Europe if I've never even visited one of the best tourism spots in my own state? I also want to go to Wisconsin Dells again. At least one more time. Water parks, sunshine... Sigh.

Remember my necklace? Yes, I still need to get that. I'd also like to see Jason Mraz in concert again. Run another marathon. Ride my new road bike in at least one triathlon. Spend a day at a spa. Go camping. Lay on the beach all day with a margarita.

Yes, it's been brought to my attention that everything on this ever-growing list can be accomplished by the end of summer. But a girl's got to dream, right? Well I like to take baby steps.

Of course I'd like to get married, own a Labrador retriever named Richard, have a kid or two. One day I'd like to vacation to Australia and Alaska. But I've got a good 60 years left to get all that done. Why worry about such things when there's a new pair of shoes with my name on it at the running store?

I've got priorities.