OK, honest to god, people...

I've been Twittering for the last hour or so about my having been watching "Sex and the City," the movie. "Complete girl happiness," I called it. Even included a quote from Miranda. Love this movie. For real.

And then I get the following Twitter reply from a guy I've never met in my life, but who finds it necessary to follow my tweets: "Do you really like that show? I find it not practical or real."


A) I don't give a shit. B) Not practical or real? Seriously? Because you know what's real? TRANSFORMERS. You moron.

Don't go knockin' my choice of mindless entertainment when your argument is that it's "not practical or real." Bet he'd LOVE my affinity for vampires.

Oh, and speaking of, I get a text at 2 a.m. the other night from a friend, another guy, after my "True Blood" marathon. All it said was: "True Blood is a horrible show."


Why are people so challenged? And men so stupid? Go away. Leave me be to my vampires and martinis.