No firemen this time.

Ah, the tire saga is ongoing. And I didn't even get any sexy men of fire this time. WHAT'S THE POINT?


I came home from work early yesterday because I was dying in my head. Like, my head hurt. It was not even playing around. I had my eye on the prize, and that prize was a capital N-A-P. Except, instead, my car's all, NOOOOO. Instead, I stepped out of my car after parking at home and heard a sound that made my stomach turn. (No, not that horrid, horrid, whore of a Ke$ha song, but close. Oh lord, so close...). It was the sound of air gushing from my tire.

You guys, I literally watched my tire deflate in 3 minutes, flat. The same tire. The same tire I thought had been rescued. The same tire I thought had a slow leak as the result from a bent rim. But, no, this was no rim job (that's what she said). This was hardcore. I couldn't even tell where the air was coming from, but my god, it was coming (also what she said. I am on a ROLL).

I pondered throwing a tantrum, right there on the street. I was close. SO close. Teetering on tears of rage and collapsing on the ground in straight-up nap mode. I chose nap. I simply rolled my eyes, turned around, posted about it on Twitter (OF COURSE) and went up to my apartment to nap.

Unfortunately, I did eventually have to wake up and deal with it. So a handyman pal drove all the way across town with his mad handyman skills to assist in the Putting On Of The Spare. Should've been a cinch, really. Instead, the spare tire was locked into place in my trunk by a screw that was eroded from battery acid (don't ask). It took about 23 hits from a hammer, both of our body strengths, whacks with a tire iron, and eventually breaking the screw to free my spare from its dungeon. The spare went on no problem, thanks to the light of his headlights. Except once all was said and done, HIS car battery was dead, thanks to the light of his headlights. (Whoops).

Oh, le sigh.

I took my car in tonight to get a new tire. Should also have been a cinch. Except one of the studs on the tire got stripped during part of the Putting On Of The Spare process, and now I need a new stud (don't we all?). (Snort). (Moving on...).

Moral of the story: take away my car keys. Cars are HARD.