Thing that makes me laugh.

Only in Wisconsin, I swear. There's this billboard on the beltline. I see it daily. Can't miss it. It's huge, as billboards are, you may know. In big, giant letters it screams: AMBASSADORS OF AMERICAN RIVERS. It's an advertisement for the local zoo. It's all loud, you know? ROAR. Ambassadors of American rivers are rough and tough and scary! Look out! We have River Ambassadors! They will EAT you and take your children!

But you wanna know what "Ambassadors of American Rivers" are? OTTERS. Freaking, little, roly-poly otters. Cute, friendly, goofy, little RIVER OTTERS. There's two of them on the billboard all, "Squeal! Look at us! We're OTTERS, you guys!"

This is what we boast about at zoos in Wisconsin people. YOU... are jealous.