Love me some thunderstorms.

I'm just sitting in the living room watching the Brewers k-i-l-l the Reds. Ryan Braun hit a grand slam. The score was 9 to 0 before the second inning ended. Squee.

Brewers season makes me so happy.

And, P.S., the sky is bright orange right now. And black. A thunderstorm is rolling through. Looks a little bit like hell in the sky. Wondering if I should be worried.


This is a direct flashback to last summer. Thunderstorms and Brewers games. Sitting in my little apartment enjoying them both.

Big sigh.

So my job interview went well this morning. The job's with an insurance company, which means great benefits. So great that the first thing I told my sister after the interview was, "I can get reimbursed for adopting a child."

I have no intentions of ever adopting a child, but, really? Reimbursement? I haven't even been able to have a 'giney inspection in over a year due to lack of health insurance, and now I can go adopt a kid. On company money.


The human resources department is supposed to call me within five to seven days.

Tick-tock... tick-tock...

Sort of sounds like my biological clock!

Ha. Ha, ha.


I once, naively, expected to have children by the age of 30. Now I'm 27.3, and pretty sure dating is about as neat as wisdom tooth extraction, only no one's giving me any goddamn Vicodin.

The men I've come across, A) "love" me while banging her, B) type things like "lol" un-ironically, C) are apparently closeted homosexuals (secret's out!), or D) are damn women-handicapped.

Maybe I'm just not trying hard enough. But I kind of just don't mind. Sure, I'll take myself a boyfriend, when one comes around. But I don't mind waiting around for Jason Mraz to come banging on my door. Or, you know, someone who doesn't entirely suck.

It'll happen.

Uh, right?

Until then, I'll be right here, watching the Brewers.

But before you go, go to your Facebook account, click on settings, choose language, and select Pirate (English). And then thank me later.