If you haven't watched 'Grey's' yet tonight, or if you aren't interested in 'Grey's', back away slowly.

Some thoughts on tonight's episode, and thoughts on next week's finale:

  • JESUS CHRIST, DENNY. I was so over you, like, a year and a half ago.
  • I totally called the Alex/Izzie wedding. I'm glad it happened that way, albeit cheesy as hell, because that was so not a Meredith/Derek kind of wedding.
  • That was a lot of dead college graduates. Poor George. George needs some love.
  • Dear Callie: I AM SO WITH YOU. Only my dad didn't disown me and clean out my bank account. I'm just unemployed and broke.
  • Loved when Cristina was knocking down the ceiling fan. Her and Owen need to happen.
  • People crying on TV gen-er-ally make me cry, too. And so I cried a lot.
  • At first I thought that Izzie was for sure going to die from this tumor. But then there was a bit in next week's preview where she's all, "So, I could have the surgery, but lose my memory?" So I've decided she's going to have surgery and lose her memory and THAT will be the drama.
  • And maybe she'll still leave the show, anyway.
  • Or she'll die.
  • I heard a rumor that Katherine Heigl agreed to honor her contract, so she doesn't necessarily have to leave the show.
  • But they could kill her anyway, out of spite.
  • I'd kill her.
  • Shows her. Trying to leave "Grey's" and make it rich in movies.
  • Whatever.
  • But I secretly do not want her to die.
  • I like Izzie.
  • So is she Izzie Karev now?
  • Hm.