Krittabug discusses The Hunger Games.

I saw The Hunger Games already. Twice. In fact, I'd go see it two more times. Or seven. Or, like, three times a day every day. I just thought it was fantastic. Obviously. Let us discuss the following:

  • Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. Firstly, dang, she's pretty. I don't know much of Jennifer Lawrence, but I think she's a phenomenal actress just from this movie, alone.
  • Katniss is a badass. I now want her and Lisbeth Salander as my new posse. And that braid. I need it. Except my hair will never be that long, so, sigh. I remember not actually liking Katniss much in the novels. Intriguing.
  • The Rue scene made me cry. In fact, I cried more the SECOND time I saw it, as if I wasn't already prepared. I don't remember crying during the book. I never cry in books. But when it's all in-my-face, visual: [WEEP]. See also: That Time I Cried For Three Days After Watching Marley & Me.
  • The movie was dark. I liked it. I liked that the horrifying concept of the trilogy was portrayed as horrifying. The reaping scene made me actually terrified for all the children. Related: that Prim actress is a damn good little actress. Also, adorable.
  • Peeta is not cute.
  • Gale is hot.
  • Aside from Lenny Kravitz being sexy as hell, he made a great Cinna. Oh, Cinna. Sigh. His scene with her right before going into the arena gives me goosebumps. What a scary moment.
  • That Clove is a violent, little bitch.
  • Seneca Crane. Excellent facial hair. Also hot.
  • I like the name Seneca.
  • The one cringe-worthy moment for me was during introduction of the tributes. I thought the flames on Katniss and Peeta's outfits looked plain silly. The movie was otherwise so visually appealing (super special effects), I thought that could have been more awesome.
  • I want every last one of Effie's fingernail get-ups.
  • I'm sorry, what? I'm still crying over Rue.
  • Although I've read the books and know exactly what's going to happen into the very end, I still found myself nervous as hell watching the movie. When Katniss was saying goodbye to her mom and Prim and Gale? Ahhhhhhhh. The countdown to the start of the Games? I sort of wanted to throw up. That is a sign of a well-made movie.
  • Katniss is still pretty.
  • She could totally kick Bella Swan's ass.
  • I can't wait to see who they get to play Finnick.
  • I bet he'll be hot.

OK, friends. Did you see it yet? Discuss.

  • Additional random observation: in the books, the transformation from Katniss as District 12 Slum to Katniss the Tribute was very grand. I almost found Jennifer Lawrence to be too pretty to begin with for her transformation to be glorious in the movie. I was a little sad about that. I suppose it's very hard to be too pretty.
  • Also yes, Peeta looks like a hobbit. We need a taller Peeta up in here.