A road trip, online dating, Wisconsin and Zac Efron sandwich.

I'm going to casually gloss over the fact that we haven't spoken in weeks, internet. Instead let's talk about how I'm leaving for St. Louis tomorrow with one of my best-friends-forever, Anne, and how awesomeness will ensue and that by the end of the weekend we'll probably have zero Twitter followers left because we will single-handedly blow up the social media sphere with our adventures. WHO'S EXCITED?

Oh. Just me? OK, just checking.

We're traveling to St. Louis via vehicle without a functioning radio, so instead she's toting along a boombox for the back seat, and we're going to jam out like it's 1997. We're running the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon together on Sunday, and I have to fill in Saturday and Sunday with some additional training miles, but otherwise we're going to spend the extended weekend being neat, staring longingly at the Gateway Arch, and inundating Instagram with our fancy-filtered photos of it.

In other news, I hemmed and hawed about possibly maybe almost joining an online dating site again, which, given my previous experience, I thought I'D NEVER DO IT AGAIN, NO WAY, ARE YOU KIDDING? Let it be known I did not give in to my boredom or moment of desperation. Instead, I continued to sit on my couch and devour an entire bag of Skittles. With a cat in my lap. Watching The Vampire Diaries. 

Why Krista Remains Alone is a question you'll never struggle to find an answer to, you guys.

Also, for fun, and if you're from Wisconsin, go to www.ProjectWisconsin.com and just LOOK. Just look on in wonder and amusement and joy. These guys are incredibly creative and talented, and as you'll see, HILARIOUS, as they depict their own brand images for towns across the state.

For example, Waldo, Wis.


It's also important for you to know I've developed a completely unhealthy and concerning infatuation with Zac Efron of High School Musical fame BECAUSE HAVE YOU SEEN HIM LATELY? Please note I've never seen High School Musical or any of its 32 sequels, but I just don't think I can now because it'd be completely inappropriate to know I'm now lusting after a former, underage twerp.

But feast your eyes on this preview for a new movie based on a vomit-inducing, sugary Nicholas Sparks novel and tell me TO MY FACE that you don't want to touch him. Do it. Tell me. I will wait.


Watch it again and basically ignore everything but the part where he's not wearing clothes. In a moment I'll pick myself up off the floor and continue writing this post, but give me a minute.

Oh nevermind. I can't.