Just let me talk.

I'm officially an adult. I am contributing to Thanksgiving dinner by doing something other than eating. I made food. BBQ meatballs. In the crock pot. I prefer to call them "Mandy's Balls," seeing as though she introduced me to them, but if I tell grandma, "Hey, I'm bringing Mandy's balls," I just don't think she'd understand.

So I'm officially looking forward to mashed potatoes and gravy, pumpkin pie, stuffing and Mandy's Balls. That's all I'm going to need tomorrow, thanks.

We have to be out of our apartment in a week-and-a-half. Nothing is packed, except a haphazard pile of his clothes. Otherwise our apartment looks a lot like someone threw a tantrum. All over. And nobody really feels like cleaning. Or packing.

I kind of just want to sit on the couch all night and watch Cold Case marathons on TNT because, Jesus, have you seen that show? It is so good. Detective Lilly Rush is magical. And I hope that if I am murdered this week, and my case goes unsolved, she is the one to solve it in 13 years to the amazing soundtrack that was 2007.

And if I'm not watching Cold Case marathons on Tuesday nights, I want to read. Because I have to finish both The Memory Keeper's Daughter and The Devil in the White City before the end of the month, which is about as likely to happen as, well, me packing.

Not going to happen. Do not want.


So there are all of these things going on, along with quitting my job and trying to find a new one, and temporarily shacking up with grandparents in a log cabin in the woods, not to mention finding time to run and keep up with book clubs, when all I really want to do is lay down. Because it is what I do best, lay down. Minimal effort.

Then I had to craft a Christmas list this morning. Christmas. That's actually coming. And I have to ask for things. I know, rough. But still. I don't know what I want. Books. I want books. And Grey's Anatomy Season 3. An iPod Nano? World peace. A house? Under the tree, please. With a bow.

Thankfully, life could be a lot harder than this. So I have that going for me today.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.