This is what happens when I get all motivated and whatever.

I conjured up a potential race plan for 2008 because I'm crazy. And because I feel the need to be inspired. And because I like to have things written on my calendar, which is currently empty. I'm feeling empty with nothing to do until April, and so I thought I'd make the rest of 2008 doubly heinous to make up for an empty first quarter.

And it looks something like this:

April 12: the Oshkosh Half Marathon. Because it is my baby. Don't mess with it.

May 18: the Cellom Green Bay Half Marathon. Because I can.

May 25: the Madison Half Marathon. Because this year's didn't suck enough. Why not another go? A week after Cellcom? Exactly.

July 20: the Spirit of Racine half ironman. A 1.2-mile swim, a 56-mile bike ride and a half marathon, all packed into one. This will be the ultimate.

Oct. 19: the Detroit Marathon, exactly one year after the Nike Women's Marathon. This I'll just do for shits and giggles. Of course I expect those shits and giggles to be well under 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Looks like I have my New Year's resolutions for 2008.