I am the poster child for women with curves.

So, here is a list of things I did this weekend: 1) Ran a half marathon.

2) Soaked in a hot tub. Three times.

3) Applied a large, antiseptic bandage to my very inner thigh in order to reduce the burning pain caused by severe chafing because last time I checked? I had big, ol' thighs. And when I run? They cause friction. Yes, hello Thunder Thighs.

Other than all of that goodness, I kicked butt. Thank you. I finished in one hour and 54 minutes, under my two-hour goal. I also didn't lose, and instead placed 413th out of 951 people. Hooray!

So all of that makes me very happy, and I'll cry about being built like a linebacker later. Other than that, the day was fabulous. The weather was perfect, despite the fact that three days prior there was a blizzard. I got a new, pink shirt (see above).

I love running. And that's all I've got for you regarding this topic.