Things we want: a deep fryer, wine rack and a Nintendo Wii. Thank you.

No, we didn't actually register for a Nintendo Wii on our wedding registry, but we considered it. Several times. But we did register this weekend. And it was fun. And I got to carry the scanner gun, despite the fact that the woman at Kohl's handed it to The Fiance, gave me a look of pity and said, "Sorry. The men always get the gun."

That is when I happily ripped the scanner gun from his hands and yelled, "Take that, bitch."

No. That last part is a lie. But The Fiance did grant me permission to be the Scanner of All Things We Want. And it was magical. Registering for wedding gifts is like shopping, minus the part where we pay for any of it.

I hemmed and hawed and considered prices, such as, "Hmm. This is kind of expensive, maybe we shouldn't." And then we reminded ourselves, "Ha. We don't have to pay for it," and continued on.

Several times I heard statements like, "Well, we can take up smoking together," in response to my observation that we don't actually have cigars, so why do we need a cigar humidor? Or I had to remind him that we didn't even currently own one bottle of wine, nonetheless enough bottles of wine to fill an entire refrigerated wine cellar.

But we merrily agreed on enough items to satisfy our greedy needs. A new comforter set, matching bed sheets, a garlic press, deep fryer, waffle maker, shower head, cheese grater. People, these are exciting things in a young couple's life. I mean, a garlic press? I was excited about that. So, major points to whoever purchases us the garlic press, by the way. (I believe it's on our Bed, Bath and Beyond registry. Cough.)

We ended up registering at Kohl's, Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. And also had The Fiance fitted for his fabulous tuxedo (in a different color vest and tie, p.s.). We were on a roll yesterday.

And then we reminded ourselves that, "Holy crap. We're getting married. Awesome."

And now we just need to stress about the 9.45-hundred other things we have left to plan.