Fun, period.

Have you guys heard the song "We Are Young" by the group Fun.? And yes, that's a period AND a question mark, because they're called Fun. with a period. And that's fun. FUN.

Anyway, good song. Go listen. Glee kids sang it in the most recent episode. You know, the one where Quinn Fabray... Oh, I'm just not even ready to talk about it yet. NOT READY. Plus I don't want to spoil anything for people who aren't caught up. And to those people I ask: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

In other television news, I just caught up on this week's episode of The Walking Dead, and holy balls. WHAT IS HAPPENING? I had read about that particular death, though did not expect it to go down like it did. AND THEN. WHAT? ARE YOU TELLING ME NOW THAT ZOMBIES JUST HAPPEN? Suddenly a zombie just becomes a zombie? Just like that? We are all doomed. I'm just saying. Mark my words. You heard it here first when the zombie apocalypse happens.

And while we're talking about pop culture, let's talk about Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, because now I have read the book, watched the original 2009 Swedish version of the movie, and the latest David Fincher movie, and OH. My god. I'm not gonna lie, the book, I felt, was "meh." I had a hard time getting into it. It took me approximately 17 years to finish it. Once I did get into it, I really got into it, but still. It was a hard read for me.

BUT THE NEW MOVIE. Phenomenal. The original version, also fantastic, but something about David Fincher's spin on it makes me happy. There were bits and pieces of the original that I liked better, but overall, the American version gets my vote. I thought Rooney Mara's Lisbeth was out of control. She more easily convinced me that Lisbeth Salander was very damaged goods. And in a way that evoked more sympathy from me. In either case, Lisbeth Salander is a ridiculous badass to the one-millionth degree, so that's not even up for discussion. She's my new superhero. In case I needed a damaged goods superhero. Which clearly I do.

I'll tell you what -- the DVD comes out next Tuesday, and I'm BUYING IT SO HARD. You watch me.

What else? Tax return season is upon us, which only furthered my ability to crawl out of random debts and IOUs and secure my spot in upcoming races. All of these things = HAPPY.

Speaking of races: tomorrow night I'm joining my best good friend Other Krista for a beer 5K. As in, drink a beer, run a mile. Drink a beer, run a mile. Drink a beer, run a mile. Then probably throw up and collapse, but it's OK because it's for a good cause. A benefit for the Huntington's Disease Society of America. So how can I say no, really? I mean, come on. What getting wasted on beer and running repeat miles has to do with Huntington's, I just don't know, but HEY. FUN!

Or Fun., rather.

And just like that we've come full circle.