Be kind to yourself and your boobies.

Found out tonight an old college pal is having a mastectomy next week to remove the breast cancer she detected in herself last month. SHE'S 28-YEARS-OLD.

A month ago she noticed a lump, next week she's having a double mastectomy to fight the aggressive cancer that's inside her, which is likely to recur within the first five years.

So, suddenly the unflattering photo I saw of myself last week isn't so serious. Neither are my shin splints. Or the 7 a.m. alarm. Or any other mundane, bullshit thing I want to complain about. Because I don't have to go under the knife next week to have both of my breasts removed since there is a killer disease growing inside my body. AT 28-YEARS-OLD.


Makes my tummy hurt. And my boobs.

Life is a for-real, serious thing, you guys. Treat it that way, I type, while simultaneously checking mah' boobs for lumps. 

This is a lesson, as much for me as anyone else. Be kind to yourself. Have perspective. And the cliche "Don't sweat the small stuff" is tiresome, but really, don't sweat the small stuff. Because there are always bigger things. Scarier things. Now, ladies, go feel on your boobies. Now!