A conversation held elsewhere on the Internet led me to my blog post today. Celebrity crushes of my youth, which can prove to be an embarrassing list when it gets down to it. Who did I swoon over? And when?

I can certainly rattle off an extensive list of current swoon-worthy celebrities, most of them off the beaten path, because I'm like a schoolgirl who squeals at the prospect of a cute boy on the television.

Like this guy, or this one, because have you seen this video or heard the song? Or there's him or him, or please don't forget this one. And him and this guy and definitely that one because he's all wizardly and 21-years-old.

I totally get that I'm like a 16-year-old. And I just cannot help it. But when I actually was 16-years-old, it was this guy, straight out of my favorite movie of the time.

But no adolescence circa the 1990s would have been complete without the following:


And I will totally not deny my very real crush on Michael Jackson in approximately 1993. I am not above admitting my flaws.

I'm entirely over the fact that I'm 26 and continue to squeal on the inside at the idea of crush-inducing celebrities. Who doesn't? And if you don't, you're lying.

So in honor of Valentine's Day, and all that is factory-crafted and straight out of a Hallmark store, enjoy my crushes. Embrace them. And totally dish your own.