Photos taken with my own hand. The same hand that shook his.

So, today was fruitful. I received a handshake, a thank you and a smile from the potential future president of the United States of America.

Probably the most exciting thing ever.

I don't remember the last time, if ever, I was this energized about an election, or about a candidate. And to meet the man along the campaign trail was amazing.

I say amazing because there are no other words to describe it. If I had to create my own word, it'd look a lot like gshdsb!!3fsfh!asdh!!1!!


He spoke with his signature voice of hope and promise, and if it was possible to bring down the house at General Motors, in a roomful of middle-class, hardworking laborers, he did it.

He has my vote, which at this point is no secret. But I think he's got the vote and trust of many, many others. Can we look forward to the next four years in America with this man at the helm?

Yes we can.

(Now excuse me while I go back to licking the palm of my hand).





"I realize politicians lay out big plans and say they will make change every election. But how many times have you been disappointed? Americans need real change, more than just a change of parties in the White House. I will carry your voices into the White House every single day as president of the United States of America"

- Barack Obama, Feb. 13, 2008