You guys, I don't know what makes me happier - stepping on the scale and for once realizing I didn't gain two pounds overnight or buying new books. It's a total toss-up.

And this weekend, it all happened. Let's start with this morning, when I stepped on the scale and didn't scream bloody murder. In fact, I think I made a rather small, pleased grunt. But Friday? Oh, man. Friday I found myself at the local bookstore where I found books for $2. TWO DOLLARS. That's, like, free in Book Land.

And even though my dilapidated bookshelf is more than full, and sort of wants me to die, I keep filling it anyway! Because, yay! Books! So I bought "Catch-22." And "The Rapture of Canaan." And "I Am The Messenger." And because I finished "The Pact" in 2.3 days, and it was so good I can hardly breathe through my nose, I am already halfway through "Catcher In The Rye," which I bought on Friday for $2.99, and doesn't that make me sound intellectual?!

I love reading! And oh my God I'm such a dork, I'm totally going to stop talking now.