And I only ate one chocolate egg.

Yesterday was Easter. Hooray, Easter. It's never really been a big deal in the family, but it was nice to go home anyway and spend time with them all.

Is it possible to be homesick at 25? Sigh. I did a lot of laying on the floor with the dog and laughing at a Lifetime movie about binge drinking with Mom and Dad. And eating delicious food. And teaching my 7-year-old second cousin how to spell "Sanjaya." Hell, I figure if her mom's going to let her vote for the twit week after week, she might as well know how to spell his name.

I also watched "Borat" this weekend, and I'll just go ahead and apologize for this now because, oh my God, I thought it was HILARIOUS. I realize it caused a ruckus because it's offensive and distasteful, and people like me are probably the reason children are starving in Ethiopia, but still. I laughed. Hard. Who can't laugh at a man who calls the United States "the US and A"? Ah... I'm still laughing. Take that, you easily offended people.

Also, The Fiance surprised me with an Easter basket yesterday. He left it on the toilet for me when I got out of the shower. And he's so lovely. It was filled with two - count them, TWO - boxes of Nerds, a purple rubber duck, magnetic numbers for the refrigerator and a little Easter bunny, whom I've adoringly named Squashy. And then he gave himself a buzzcut, which is a whole other story.

So that was my weekend: family, offensive movies, magnetic numbers and buzzcuts. Love it.