Because we're leaving. On a jet plane. Yessss.

If you need me from June 28 until July 4, uh, TOO BAD.

We booked ourselves some tickets, and we're going to Myrtle Beach. Yesssssss.

Wait for it.... wait for it... OK, I feel bad for you now. Only a little.

I need a vacation like people in Hell need ice water (read: really bad), so I'm probably going to start counting down the hours. Starting... now. (OK, I don't really know how many hours it is, but it's definitely too many).

So while me, The BF and our pals, The Locals, are downing margaritas on the beach for a week, we'll think of you. Really. We will. Alright, probably not, but you understand.

The sun will be frying my brain. And that's awesome.

Countdown until vacation: 65 days. Dang.