I've been propositioned.

OK. Are you sitting down for this? You're about to be terribly disappointed. I'm hesitant to even admit this to you after weeks of preparation...

We are, uh, not running the half-marathon in May. I know. You're throwing your head back in disgust. You're probably slamming the keyboard, throwing the monitor out the window, cursing the day I was born.

"Why, Krista?! Why are you so useless!? Why?!" you scream in agony.

There, there. It'll be OK. I promise. I'd offer you a list of reasons (er, excuses) why we called it off, but I'll start with, A) my partner in crime moved eight hours away, and apparently that's pretty far, and B) we may or may not be ready yet.

Dang. It.

However, I see it as somewhat of a blessing in disguise. Right? Maybe? I'll admit it, I've been slacking as of late in the running department. I have, I know. Shocking. What with moving, traveling out of town every weekend, being lazy, etc. I need more time.

So we've got options. A local half-marathon in September. Another one in October. Of course keeping in mind the Chicago Marathon is Oct. 22 (which I hesitantly plan to do with The BF. And now I bought him this book, so we have to do it). Alas, there are decisions to be made.

Unfortunately, September is no May. What am I going to do for four months (other than train for a marathon)? Eeeek. On June 17 there is a triathlon in my parents' town, so I might write that down. Besides, I've got a vacation coming up which requires beach attire, so I need to start busting my behind. Literally.

Oh, the stress.

But don't cry. I know you read my blog incessantly, checking up on my workout status. So I'll continue to keep you posted. We'll just stop the countdown. For now.