Also known as "a law-abiding citizen."

I discovered something magical last week. Two things, actually. Cruise control and the speed limit.

Obviously I am aware of cruise control. I've used it frequently, during the times I like to set it at 76 miles per hour and cross my fingers for no cops. The speed limit? Yes, I am aware. But I find it incredibly inconvenient to drive 55 miles per hour in a 55-mile-per-hour speed zone.

(Cough. Just kidding, Mom. Dad. Do take pride in the fact that I can't function as a human being without my seat belt, at least).

And then gas prices became approximately $42 a gallon, and I actually began to consider riding my bike the 53 miles that I drive to work (and back) every day. Yes, I was prepared to wake up at 2 a.m. to leave for my morning commute, I was. Desperate times call for desperate measures, friends.

And then I heard this silly rumor that cruise control helps gas mileage longevity, and that the faster you drive, the worse mileage you get. I was appalled! You mean, driving 76 miles per hour is counterproductive to my plan to Get There Faster, Save on Gas and Take Over the World? Shoot.

So I tried it. I was that person, which causes me to lose sleep at night. I am that person who drives the speed limit on the highway, which is OK on a two-lane highway because, well, people can pass me, and give me dirty looks. But on the 27 miles of one-lane highway that I drive day after day, oh, people don't like me. I don't like me. They ride my bumper. They pass me at particularly dangerous sections of the highway because, Lord, they need to go 62 miles per hour, not 55. And I know these people, because I am those people. Sometimes. When I'm cranky.

But dang if it doesn't actually work. Generally I can get about 372 good miles on a tank of gas. If I push it - and I mean ride on fumes with my fingers crossed - I might make it to 390. But last week, I sailed to 400 miles before needing to fill up. That's, like, a free half-trip to work!

And then I just realized I wrote an entire post about gas mileage. Sorry.