Worth it.

I signed up for Team In Training six months ago because I wanted to. It was a simple decision, really. How often in life are there opportunities to do something good? And unselfish? OK, maybe a little selfish, it is an opportunity to run a marathon in San Francisco, after all. But how often are there chances to take a significant role in a cause that you can't even wrap your head around? I know no one with leukemia. Cancer, even. But in six months I was able to raise more money than my own bank account has ever seen. Money that I won't see a dime of, but will one day help change someone's life.

That's kind of huge.

Raising $3,800 has restored my faith in people. Sure enough, the human race isn't actually full of assholes. The majority of this money has come from absolute strangers. People I've never met. People who read about a cause and cared enough to help in any small way they could.

To my friends and family who helped me, you're the best. To those who simply believed in the cause sight unseen, I thank you. To those who rallied and supported and begged, and who helped me raise my last $900 in days,  you're amazing.

I will run in honor of Amelia, but I will run to thank you. And I hope you appreciate it because 26.2 miles is really far.

In two weeks, when all is said and done, it will have been a life-changing experience, and I can thank you for that.