Why Mom and I cannot be separated for too terribly long.

"Mama!" I shrieked into the phone. It's generally the way I greet Mom on the phone. It's excitement, people. And that excitement falters not one time throughout each of the three or nine times, per day, that we speak. That doesn't include emails. With that, it looks something like this:


It's true. Ask her. We talk with lots of exclamation points. We're those people.

Anyway. The Fiance and I were on our way home to visit our respective mothers and grandmothers for Mother's Day. It had been a whole week since I'd seen Mom last.

Where are you!?, she asked. I miss you! (Notice the exclamation points).

At the time, The Fiance and I were just approaching his grandma's house, which is approximately 13 miles from Mom and Dad. Nearly a stone's throw.

At this, Mom gasped aloud.

"We are almost breathing the same air!"