Two hours!

This here library is about to become my favorite place. I can sit here and use this computer for TWO HOURS. Of course, instead of using that time to return important e-mails or look for jobs, I'm blogging. Ho-hum... priorities.

The interview went well yesterday. I'd say "very" well, but mustn't jinx it, I suppose. Now it's the waiting game.

"We'll call next week for a second interview."

From there, it's a third, if you're "chosen."


Especially when a stable income is on the line. Does the president of this company not know I have bills to pay?

But I really want this job. So I will wait.

Let's see, what else can we talk about while I have this free two hours? ISN'T THIS EXCITING? I feel like I have to fill you with stories of grandeur, but I really don't have any. I could tell you that I'm stressed the hell out, but that's not really any fun.

I will tell you, however, how creepy the library is at 10:30 on a Wednesday morning. Who are these people? Are they just like me? The unemployed, looking for jobs? Have I become ONE OF THEM?

Le sigh.

In other GOOD news, friends, I ran 20 MILES on Saturday morning. TWENTY. It felt good. I kept a decent pace. And I am now absolutely convinced that I'm not going to die come Oct. 26. I'm probably going to head out for a 10-miler today because WHAT ELSE HAVE I GOT TO DO?

OK, I suppose I need to go apply for some careers now. Just wanted to quickly bore you with my drivel.