Total dork.

You guys. I am going to San Francisco. In a week. Squeal!

I realize it will be mildly ruined by the part where I have to run a marathon, etc., but still. California? Eeep.

I picked up some race weekend information today, and I'm sort of excited like a small school child. I get to run past Fisherman's Wharf and through Golden Gate Park and see Alcatraz. The course description throws out a few other attractions like Ghiradelli Square, Aquatic Park, Marina Green, Sea Clift District and the "Great Highway," none of which really spell anything English to me, but it's still San Francisco.

Hi, exciting.

Also exciting: finishers necklace designed by Tiffany & Co., oh man. So when I get back, and I'm all, "You guys, that sucked. Marathons. Boo. My legs are broken," be like, "Hi, let me see your free Tiffany's necklace," and I'll be OK.

AJ threw out the idea of running the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon next fall instead of Chicago, and I just checked out the website, and, awesome. It crosses the United States/Canadian border at two points, and includes a run through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, which is an underwater mile. To Canada. Fabulous, all around.

So, I'm a dork. And these are the things I am squealing about today. Please check back tomorrow for an update.