"Take off your clothes!" Oh. I'm sorry. Did I say that out loud?

So today was St. Patrick's Day. Don't worry, I wore green in lieu of drinking green beer. As if beer isn't bad enough golden.

I spent the earlier portion of the evening with some pals, drinking (multiple) Colorado Bulldogs and watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Johnny Depp-style. Seriously. Does that man get unattractive? Anyway. Onto the rest of the evening: Verona Grove.

I had an affair tonight. Sorry, Rediscover, a local trio has caught my eye. Verona Grove. I needed to say that twice. I feel better now.

So this group of men of the power pop persuasion are quite good. And, uh, not unattractive. Look at me, I'm gushing like a 15-year-old. You may have caught me (and some others) in between songs yelling inappropriate things.

"Hot!" or "Take off your clothes!" or "Let's make out!"

Really. It got that bad. I can blame it on the Colorado Bulldogs I drank three hours earlier. Right? Hush. It was all in good fun. And in the spirit of the holiday. Or something.

Anyway, check them out. I dare you.

I've taken a liking to live music. In just weeks I've discovered Verona Grove, blueheels, Pine, The Robins, Rediscover, Jason Mraz. Oh, wait. No. Already knew him.

It's so fabulous. But just wait. In a month, it's music overload: Dashboard Confessional, Strayight Run and Death Cab for Cutie, all on consecutive nights. Live. In my neighborhood(ish). Whoa.

I better get my inappropriate rants ready for this one.

(Photo credit: I took the picture. That's right.)