Remember when I got an apartment?

So, I moved. Into my very own apartment. Have we talked about that yet? I feel like we haven't. Sometimes I tweet a lot, and often confuse tweeting with blogging and forget which Internet worlds know what information. I need to spend less time on the Internet...

So, I have an apartment.

Yay, me?

It's mini. A studio. Not unlike the baby studio I had in Milwaukee last summer. Oh, last summer... So great...


OK, moving on.

I've spent the last week and a half sleeping on an air mattress, however, because all of my furniture is stuck in storage for the time being. Air mattresses aren't bad until you realize it's an AIR MATTRESS, and there is currently a perfectly good, amazing pillow top mattress bed sitting in storage, AND WHY AM I NOT SLEEPING ON IT YET?

I've also spent the last week watching episode after episode of The Office on DVD. All four seasons. Like, in a week. God I love this show. I also love that my television is on the floor BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE MY FURNITURE. By the time I get my furniture, it's going to feel like a luxury.

What is this bed you speak of?? A bookshelf! What?! This is the stuff of dreams!

We must appreciate the small things, you guys. Small things like dressers and papason chairs.

I like my apartment. It's mine. The first apartment in Madison that's mine. I didn't realize how great that was until I got the keys to this place. My keys. For my apartment.

Now, if I could just get my furniture, I'd have a home. Until then, hi. I'll be chillin' on the floor. With my TV.