Pulseless non-breather.

"I think I saw your victim in the road." "NO!"

"I observed a moment of silence."

"Poor little bugger."

"Did you hit him closer to the railroad tracks, or closer to my apartment? Because there were two. The one closer to my apartment looked more fresh. Freshly dead, that is."

"Closer to your apartment." :: hangs head in shame ::

"That's what I thought."

"No! Sigh. Was he on the center line?  Hunched over and defeated?"

"I'm not a squirrel coroner, but I'd say the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the midsection."

"I hate it!"

"Yes, he was definitely hunched over and defeated. We can only hope that it was quick and painless. Although it doesn't look like it was too painless. Blame it on the car, not the driver."

"Stop it right now!"

"I'm done."