(just pretend this doesn't exist)

So I was talking to my mom on the phone last night. We were discussing cats. ...


Wait. OK, hold the phone. Let's just pause this for a minute here. Do you see those first two sentences? Add them to your "Reasons Krista is Single" file and delete them from your memory immediately.


OK. Moving on. Last night my mom told me she loves her cats SO much that if she had to choose between her children and her cats, she's not sure what she'd do. I'm pretty sure my dad would at least choose us, the fruit of his loins, but if not, it's OK because I TOTALLY get it. Have you MET my cats? They pretty much trump all humans in existence.

Upon further investigation, just erase this entire blog post from your memory.



I feel like I've completely distracted everyone enough to forget I ever said anything about my affinity for cats. To repair my damaged street cred, I thought I should also let you guys know I've developed an affinity for beer. Microbrews. Local, delicious beer. I've always hated beer. Always. I bet I hated beer before I was even BORN. Needless to say, I don't even know myself anymore.

My other two current addictions: Mad Men and Big Love. Not sure what I ever did before Don Draper and sister wives. Really, really not sure.

And with that, I've realized this entire post is about absolutely nothing. Not a damn thing. I'll just sum it up with sex, beer, Don Draper and polygamy. That ought to get the web traffic rolling around these parts.