If (when) I had (have) a Kitty Farm, it would (will) include the following:

I dream of owning a Kitty Farm. I realize this is a peculiar dream, and I'm also aware it makes me somewhat of a (freak) Cat Lady, but I am willing to accept that. I want cats. All over. Lots of them. Climbing up walls, hiding under the covers, coughing up hairballs. Dear cats of the world, I love you. I want, like, 38 of them.

As part of the Birthweekend Celebration, The Parents, The Fiance and I attended a cat show. I would very much liken it to Heaven. If, perhaps, Heaven smelled particularly like cat urine, and if, in Heaven, people wore sweatshirts that read "Cats are just women in fur coats."

And I will have you know that there were cats. Everywhere. I almost hyperventilated. I wanted to touch them! And pet them! Cuddle! And pull on their itty-bitty tails! Oh, cats! Of course I took photos (read: documented the experience thoroughly) and here I shall share it with you. Who can point out Harley and Chicken?