I don't ice skate.

Is there any particular reason that the entirety of the land is covered in a layer of ice right now? Because, really, it's pissing me off.  All Saturday night ice fell from the sky. Not snow. Not rain. Ice. It's covered every inch of everything. My car, the sidewalk, the road, my small, beating heart. I tried to run five miles this morning, and instead spent five miles tip-toeing and granny-stepping and shuffling and falling on my ass. 

I fell. On my ass. Almost twice, but definitely once. 

Not one road or sidewalk in this entire godforsaken city is pedestrian-friendly right now. Save for the 100-meter stretch of sidewalk in front of the library. And you better believe I ran an entire quarter mile up and down that stretch of sidewalk because I just couldn't handle one more step on the ice. 

I'm sure I looked absurd to the library-goers, all bundled up with a full windproof mask on my head, but you know what? THROW SOME DAMN ICE ON YOUR SIDEWALK AND MAYBE I'LL TRY RUNNING THERE, TOO.