Gather 'round! Story time!

So, once upon a time...

... we went in search of the perfect pumpkin child.

Pumpkin! Puuuumpkin! Are you out here? Where are you pumpkin! Clearly we believe we will find this perfect pumpkin in an orchard of apple trees. Naturally.

We looked. And looked. And inspected. And ate caramel apples. And looked.

Gah! Finding a perfect pumpkin child is HARD! Someone needed a timeout.

Of course, me, being the maternal one that I am (cough), found it. The perfect pumpkin child!

We bonded instantly. Laughed, snuggled. He took a liking to him, too.

And so we named him, all four pounds of him, Patches O'Houlihan, and took baby's first photos. We wanted him to be in his natural setting. To remember his childhood for what it was - being a pumpkin.

Surprisingly, there was a shocking resemblance between father and son.

We documented the usual first-time parent stuff, like buckling him up in the car for his FIRST RIDE HOME. A magical moment.

So that's that. Today we have Patches, and he's thriving. Nevermind that we've already left him home alone and locked him in the car.

I think we make quite the typical American family.