December 10: Pretty much the longest list of inside jokes ever. And a happy birthday, too.

Remember that one time we almost got ran over by a deer? A River Deer, to be exact. And then HE got ran over by a car? Downtown.

Remember Jason Mraz? On his knees? Singing "Plane"? And then afterward, when he made love to us with his eyes? Or, you know, the other way around, but, whatever.

Remember Rope Burn? Waking up too early? And wishing Sandra would choke?

Remember that one time we ran a marathon? And the entire summer we spent training for it?

Remember Gavin and Howie and watching airshows in the sky?

Remember laying by the pool, after a 20-mile run, thinking there was no better feeling in the world? And then remember running 26.2 miles and wishing we were dead?

Remember Dancing With the Stars? Tia Carrere? Wayne and Garth? T? And how every time I make tea BY MYSELF I have to laugh at jokes no one but us understands?

Remember UV Cherry Vodka and Diet Coke, "Daddy" and volleyball? And then having to wake up the next morning?

Remember bruised toenails, chafed armpits and salty faces? We were so pretty.

Remember the story of my urine, which included the following details: tuna subs, running and the poor fellow who had to overhear?

Remember From Justin to Kelly? And burning, orange, red, fire, bright orbs? Or, shall I say: BURN ORANGE FIRE BALL BURRRN FIRE ORB! (Jaaaay kaaaay).

Remember cankles, fireworks and a sleepover at the Schuldts'?

Remember Sex and the City, Epsom salt soaks and bottles of wine?

Remember that one time we thought it'd be cool to run 12 miles in the dark? More importantly, remember that one time we still COULD run 12 miles?

Remember calling me from your fiance's phone after a long trip to Europe? And now remember that your wedding is in less than ONE WEEK?

Remember that one time you got a job in another state and moved away? And remember how I STILL hate you for it? (From Justin to Kelly...)

Remember how you think your name is Mandi? But really it's AJ. Or Jota. Or Ma. And how you pretend it's also Mrs. Mraz, but I have to laugh at you since Jason's sitting right here watching me type, and giving me a hot, oil massage?

Remember how you're one of my most favoritest people in the whole Earth, and how I hope you have the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER? (Even though you're old. And have old balls, etc?) .

Happy Birthday, Jota! I'll see you in a week.

Love, Krista