I turned myself into a duathlete for a bit last night. Oh, that was h-a-r-d.

I haven't done a true brick workout (swim to bike, bike to run, etc.) in four years. Not since my one and only triathlon. And if you've ever done it, you'll know that coaxing your legs to run after biking is neither fun nor easy.

I was feeling rather balls-y and motivated after work, and with a low-mileage day with Hal I decided it'd be a perfect night to both ride my bike and run.

Why not, right? Look at me! I can do both! Look ma, no hands!

So I took the bike out on the Oak Leaf Trail and coursed through my usual 10-mile loop, sans biking shorts. I will say that my ass has adjusted quite nicely to the bike seat after the MS Ride and its butt debacle. I can actually ride without padding.

When I got back, I lugged the bike upstairs, threw on the old running shoes and stepped outside for (what I assumed to be) an easy four miles.

Haaaa. Ha, ha. Easy. Four.

Not easy at all.

My legs felt like lead. If I had been running with me, I would've punched me in the face for heavy feet. Thud. Thud-thud. Thud-thud-thud.

I didn't run with a watch or my Garmin, so I don't know my pace, but if I had to guess I'd say, oh, I don't know, SLOW.

However, by the end I was feeling good. My pace picked up and my legs stopped asking me what the hell I was doing. I felt spent, and it felt good. Brick mission accomplished.

I've got two low-mileage days a week in my training plan, so I hope to make at least one of those a brick workout.

Go, me. Go.