Birthweek: the best week ever.

So for lack of anything more intellectual to say, I'd like to give a shout-out to the best week ever.

Allow me to provide a little background on "birthweek." My fabulous pal, Erin, made it up. And really, what she says goes. It involves a period of seven days surrounding one's birthday. In my case, it began Monday, and will end, well, whenever I want it to. We may be looking at a birthmonth, ladies and gentlemen.

Let me begin with a little "shameless promotion," a phrase I stole from another fab-o pal, Steve. I spent the week skimming the pages of my newspaper, reading articles all about the Titanic. Articles that I wrote. I am obsessed with all things Titanic. The ship. The movie. Leonardo DiCaprio... er, I mean, nevermind. And now an artifact exhibit is coming to my town. Honestly, can it get any better? I. Love. My. Life.

Then Tuesday it happens. The phonecall that would potentially change my life. Or at least one night of it. I won a $100 bar tab for Saturday night. My birthday. $100. In drinks. Whoa. Oh it gets better.

Wednesday, the second life-altering phonecall: I got a bartending job. That means money. For me. I can get groceries. I can get a haircut. I can put gas in my car. Oh. My. God.

And then, as I'm perusing my favorite blogs of the hour, I find this:

"And I'll be making Krista a birthday cheesecake for Friday and taking it into work so everyone can enjoy Krista's birthday."

Donovan is making me a cheesecake. Me. A cheesecake. Friday. Just one day after free donuts graced the newsroom. (Maybe I won't quit my aerobics class after all).

Seriously. What else can happen? Is life really this fabulous all at once? I think I need to sit down. Next thing I know Jason Mraz will be waking up next to me. Wait. Did I say that out loud? I meant to say, maybe I'll read a good book tonight.

Speaking of good books, I got one in the mail today. For my birthday. Marley & Me. I think I really do need to sit down. It's all too much.

So before I have a coronary embolism, I need to go. And read my book. Or dream about $100 in free drinks. Or learn how to make drinks. Or continue to wait ever-so-patiently for my day to come. My birthday.