And all I have to say about this is, 'SHOOT!'

I don't know if you remember this about me, but hi, My Chemical Romance equals one of my FAVORITE BANDS EVER. And maybe you don't remember THIS, but I seem to remember reminding you people in August that My Favorite Band was releasing a new CD. Tomorrow. Oct. 24.

I've only been, you know, counting down the minutes. This is more exciting than the day I got Justin Timberlake and John Mayer at midnight at Wal-Mart. My Chemical Romance trumps SexyBack. And Mr. Mayer. It just does. And as of Friday, I was ready. I had money. Just a mere $9.99 is all I needed to have Gerard (and his badly dyed blonde hair) in my ear come Tuesday morning. All I had to do was fill my gas tank, pay all my bills, and I had that shiny $10 left.


And then, I went to Pizza Hut last night. DAMMIT. I spent that last, holy, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, ten dollars on delicious pizza and breadsticks. DAMMIT. But, sigh, The Sister trumps My Chemical Romance, and she and I needed Pizza Hut more than I needed Gerard (and his badly dyed hair).

Let me just say it again: SIGH.

So come tomorrow, when the rest of the Gerard-loving world can be angry and listen to My Chemical Romance really loudly in their cars and on their iPods, I will just be angry. With no Gerard. Until next pay day.


And right now, Mom's all, "Ew, Kritta."

On Saturday night, after we watched grisly, bloody, horrifying images of people being ripped to shreds by chainsaws via "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning," we flipped on the TV to find My Chemical Romance performing on Saturday Night Live.

Keep in mind it was Mom who demanded we watch aforementioned bloody horror. Gruesome. Dirty. Lots of Guts. And as I watched (creepy, blonde) Gerard sing their new single from the New CD I Cannot Buy, Mom watched in horror. Mostly the same horror I had on MY face as we watched aforementioned people get eaten by chainsaws.

"Ew, Kritta," she said, with a hint of I Might Disown You in her voice. "You don't like this... music. You like sweet music. John Mayer... sweet... music..."

She's right. I do. But I also like angry Gerard. And well, she likes bloody murder and watching me scream. So there. We're even.