American Idol: Top 12

So far tonight, we're full of bad performances.

Brandon? Eh.
Chris Sligh? Ick.
Sanjaya? Uh...
Haley? Eek. (But she's SO cute).

But I love, love, love Melinda, if for no reason other than she's the cutest thing. Did you SEE how surprised she was by her own performance? Awww. I love her. And, she's good.

I liked Gina, too. But I always like Gina.

However, so far, I think Brandon, Chris, Sanjaya and Haley are in trouble.

Phil is next to perform. And, well, Phil is lame...

I'll be back in an hour.


OK, so Jordin is one of my new favorites. She's adorable. And so good.

Lakisha and Stephanie were both great, as usual. The second hour tonight was obviously much better than the first.

Phil, unfortunately, did well tonight. I still think he's an oddball, though.

Chris and Blake are my favorite guys. I don't think they have a chance of beating out a couple of those girls, but I think they're awesome. Probably because Chris is a little Justin Timberlake-y, and, well, we know how I feel about him.

I honestly have NO idea who'll be voted off tomorrow night. It's a total toss-up. But, I guess for the sake of voting, I'm going to vote against Brandon. Runners-up: Sanjaya and Haley.