Yup, definitely a vampire thing.

Oh, good crap. Like I needed another addiction. Especially one pertaining to vampires. PLEASE TELL ME YOU GUYS WATCH "TRUE BLOOD," OMG. For real.

I heard about this show when it first started, but was too involved with "Twilight" to give myself up to another vampire. (Hi, Edward, hi!) Everyone was all, "OMG, it's like 'Twilight' for grownups!" But, hello, "Twilight" is "Twilight" for grownups. God.

But, no.

Watched the first episode of "True Blood" tonight and it was full of sex and nudity and blood and vampires with fangs. And it was HOT. They were not lying about the "Twilight" for grownups business. Only Bella is now a blonde Anna Paquin. And Edward is a man, Bill.

Bill Compton is played by a sexy Stephen Moyer. And he's a vampire and he's good and protective and heroic and dark and twisty and I LOVE HIM.

(Don't worry, Edward, still love you more).

You guys, seriously. When did vampires become a phenomenon? How did this happen?

I intend to catch up on season one this week in time to catch up on season two on Sunday.

Good thing this isn't a book series, too. Or I'd be screwed.