You're going to be bored. Stop reading. Now.

I picked my brain for a good, I'd say, six minutes, contemplating what to say to my Blog today. And after much consideration, I still have nothing to say. I'm not sure what this means.

Now don't get me wrong, my brain certainly isn't devoid of thoughts, but I don't feel like expanding on any of them. There's that one fight. That one date, May 17, 2008. That one job. Those same neighbors. The workouts. The shins. That one vacation. Blah... blah. Blah. I've lost any motivation to write one word about any of it. In my head there's one million (at least) thoughts wafting around, but as soon as I try to elaborate, my brain says, "...?"

So I'm probably just going to ramble now. Run for the hills.

I watched this week's episode of "24" last night. I love me some Jack Bauer, I do. But, eh, the show's losing its mojo. Sigh. Nothing compares to the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Oh. Goodness. Tears. Real, live, wet tears running down my face for a good, oh, two hours. Izzie? In her pretty dress? With Denny? Alex carrying her away? Ahhh. Sniffle.

And then in completely unrelated news, I tried 67 percent of my summer wardrobe on this morning. Get ready for work? No. I'm going to see if my shorts from two summers ago still fit me. Newsflash: they do. There is a Jesus.

Additionally, the cats stopped vomiting. I just needed to get that out there because two blogs in a row utilizing the word "vomit" is good for business. I also have a four-day weekend for Memorial Day, which has absolutely zero to do with cats or vomit, or anything in particular, but it makes me happy.

The sun is shining for the first time in about fourteen million years. I almost forgot the sky was blue. Sure enough, it is. Weird.

And, well, I don't have much else to say. Really. I've got nothin'.