You call it "cheap and tacky," I call it "genius."

The front door of my apartment faces directly east. (Please note I use the term "apartment" loosely. It's really more of a glorified dorm room.)

Seeing as though my front door has a small window in it, and another window above it, the rising sun shines DIRECTLY into my home every morning. Not to mention the porch light that also shines DIRECTLY into my home every night.

I'm sort of like a bat. I need darkness. And so the situation demanded a remedy. Keep in mind I have neither the money nor resources to craft curtains for such a dilemma, so I utilized the next best thing: tin foil.

Yeah, OK. I covered my front windows with tin foil. What? But you know what? I dare you to try and shine a light into my front door because it ain't happening. Light does not penetrate that shit.

And so what if I live inside a baked potato?

I'm not a complete recluse, I'll have you know. I do, in fact, have two very large, real windows on the west side of my apartment, which are covered with blinds. Granted, those blinds don't keep light out in the least, but at least it's not tin foil.

That's the next step, though.