Wrong side.

I know it's possible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but I am now a believer in going to bed on the wrong side, too. In fact, I did both. Last night and this morning. Shouldn't they cancel each other out? Like, two wrong sides make a right side? Apparently not.

I was in a bad mood last night. Not just bad, pissed. Went for a run, feeling great, hopped in the shower, excited, and then BAM - pissed. All went downhill from there.

I'd blame it on my period - or wait, what do the "hip" kids call it? Aunt Flo? - but I don't talk about my fucking period on the Internet. So I'll just admit to being a wench.

I was feeling better this morning. Woke up early and hopped on my bike trainer for a while before joining Sue for a run. Then it all just hit me again. And I left my damn keys in the door as I left my apartment. So, hey! If you know where I live, head on in! Feed the cats! Maybe let me back in the building tonight when I get home! BECAUSE I'LL BE LOCKED OUT. IN THE COLD.


Is it July yet?